Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Shutterflying Holiday Cards 2010

Oh shutterfly how I love you.  So many different ways to share my  many many pictures with my friends and family.  Is there a holiday or event that I don't share  I take so many pictures it makes it so hard to choose just one to share with my friends and family.
With Shutterfly's 2010  holiday card designs - I don't have to!  They have cards that you can simply share one picture on the card.  They have ones you can share two pictures on the card.  And many designs where you can share three or more pictures on one card.
And all of the cards also let you put an additional picture on the inside with your own personal message.
Do you want to send a personal message to each and every person?  You can do that.  You can make each card unique.
Or do you simply want to create a card that shows the same message to everyone?  You can do that too!
The possibilities are endless for your holiday 2010 cards!
Happy Shutterflying!!

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